[AD] JewelMU - DYNAMIC x150 | MEDIUM x500 - OPENING MAY 5 | JUNE 2

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[CENTER]JewelMU Online at the moment offers you to play in two worlds DYNAMIC x150 server and MEDIUM x500, with interesting and exciting gameplay, where zen drop is balanced, all classes are balanced, with fully working events !
We have been working with these server files for over than 3 years, to make one of the best gameplay
you have ever seen, with nice leveling roads, where monster/bosses strenght is good configured and
where zen, jewels and excellent items has value !
There is no OP Classes or Items, there is maximum 2 excellent options per item, many in-game items, exp buffs can be only collected in-game by players themselves !

Also we offer to you Client with Anti-Hack System and
unique Premium DMN CMS Web Engine,
which includes unique features like online hours to credits, change class, clear skill tree and more unique modules will be released out !

Server is hosted in France, in one of the biggest data center in the World with DDOS protection, so we offer to you 24/7 stable
online and playing without lags and disconnect, Join Us NOW !


[B]JewelMU Server openings:[/B]

[B]DYNAMIC (x150) opening: March 5, 2017 ![/B]
[B]MEDIUM (x500) opening: June 2, 2017 ![/B]

- Homepage: http://jewelmu.com
- Forum: http://forum.jewelmu.com
- Files: http://jewelmu.com/downloads
- Vote Reward: http://jewelmu.com/vote-reward
- Referral System: http://jewelmu.com/account-panel/my-referral-list
- FaceBook Page: http://facebook.com/muonlinelife

» Version: Season 6 Episode 3
» Experience: x150
» Drop: 50%
» Elf NPC Buff Till: ON (till level 300)
» Max Stats: 32767 (32000 recommended)
» Official MU Helper: ON (300 zen * level for 5min.)
» Points Per Level: 5/6/7
» Reset Level: 400 (price 10kk * reset)
- Reward: 30 Free Credits & 10 Gold Credits
- Clear Stats: ON
- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
- Clear Inventory: OFF
- Clear Class: OFF
- Points for Reset: SM,ELF,BK,SUM - 900 points * resets & MG,DL,RF - 1000 points * resets
» Limit Reset: 50
» Bless Bug: OFF
» Monster HP: 100%
» Required level for class: SUM 1 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 250 lvl
» Marry System and Commands: ON
» Auto Reconnect System: ON
» Gens System: ON
» Goblin System: ON (earn 1 goblin point every 5 minutes)
» Master Skill Tree: ON (max 200lvl)
» Guild Create Level: 300
» Bonus Event: ON (bonus EXP in specific time 2 times per day)
» CashShop: ON
» GR Reset From: 50 resets (price 1kkk)
- Reward: 1000 Free Credits & 300 Gold Credits
- Clear Stats: ON
- Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
- Clear Inventory: OFF
- Clear Class: OFF
- Points per GR: SM,ELF,BK,SUM,MG,DL,RF - 5000 points * GR
» Max GR: 3
» Extra EXP: ON (extra EXP in Events)
» In-game Commands: ON
- /teleport: teleports you to your husband/wife
- /prop and /accept: to propose and accept marry
- /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd)
- /post: global chat, requirement level: 6 (50'000 zen)
- /setparty pass (set AutoParty with password)
- /pkclear: 5kk * PK Count (at website 100kk - clears ALL PK)
- /requests off/on: deny/accept requests
» 380 & 400lvl items can be hunted from monsters from level 130
- Required level to wear 380/400lvl item: 380/400lvl (works from 1lvl)
» Unique Box Drop
» Can't get Full Stats

» Objects +10: 65%
» Objects +11: 60%
» Objects +12: 55%
» Objects +13: 50%
» Objects +14: 45%
» Objects +15: 40%

» Jewel of Bless - 100%
» Jewel of Soul - 70%
» Jewel of Life - 60%

Objects + Luck increase the probability of success by 20% !

» Wing Creation: ON
- 2lvl wings: 70%
- 3lvl wings: 40%
- Feather of Condor: 60%

» Hearts: ON
» Silver & Gold Medals: ON (drops non-exc items from level +6 to +9)
» FireCrackers: ON
» Lucky Coin: ON (collect lucky coins and exchange them to Jewels)
» Red Dragon Invasion: ON
» Battle Socer: ON
» Golden Invasion: ON
» White Wizard Event: ON
» Blood Castle: ON
» Devil Square: ON
» Chaos Castle: ON
» Illusion Temple: ON
» Kalima Event: ON
» Kanturu Event: ON
» Raklion Hatchery: ON
» DoppelGanger Event: ON
» Imperial Guardian: ON
» Medusa Event: ON
» CastleSiege: ON
» Loren Deep: ON
» And More...

Referral link can be found by going to account panel section.
» Earn Free Gold Credits by inviting players to JewelMU
» To get Free Gold Credits, you must use your referral link (referral link: HERE)
» Your friend must register under your referral link
» Referral System Reward can read: HERE

# Earn Free Gold Coins by inviting players to JewelMU
# To get Free Gold Coins, you must use your referral link (referral link: HERE)
# Your friend must register under your referral link
# Referral System Reward can read: HERE

» Reset Stats: ON
» Exchange wCoins: ON (collect Gold Credits and exchange them to wCoins)
» Clear Inventory & Skill Tree: ON
» Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect Free Credits)
» Market System: ON
» ItemShop System: ON
- Max + 2exc options per item: ON
- Ancient Items in Itemshop: ON
- Socket Items in Itemshop: OFF
- Max item level +12 in Itemshop: ON
» Trade Online Time (exchange your online time for Free Gold Credits)
» Referral System (invite friend and get Free Credits)
» And More...

The Party Bonus system gives you more experience if you make a party of 5 different classes, including 3 base classes. As a race is added to the party, the extra experience is increased a little bit more.

» Party Exp Bonus: ON
- 2 members in a party: 250x
- 3 members in a party: 400x
- 4 members in a party: 550x
- 5 members in a party: 700x
(when 2 same races in PT , example: SM+SM+BK+MG+SUM)

- 3 different races in a party: 500x
- 4 different races in a party: 700x
- 5 different races in a party: 850x
(when different races in PT , example: SM+ELF+BK+MG+SUM)


[B]JewelMU Server openings:[/B]

[B]DYNAMIC (x150) opening: March 5, 2017 ![/B]
[B]MEDIUM (x500) opening: June 2, 2017 ![/B]

Do not forget to read the rules, join our facebook page, invite friends and start vote now every 12h to get Free Credits !
More information about server, guides, tutorials, updates and other things can discuss at our Community Forum !

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[Event] FaceBook Free Credits

Event is active till MAY 14 !

To get 300 Free Credits you must do:
1) Like our FaceBook page, link: https://www.facebook.com/muonlinelife
2) Like AND Share LAST post on our FaceBook page:
3) Post should be on your profile timeline and public (otherwise you won't receive Credits)
4) Send your "username" AND "facebook profile link" on Forum PM admin (JewelGod) or post here in this topic
5) Credits will be added manually in 1-24h time
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* From 0 to 10 resets EXP = 150x
* From 11 to 20 resets EXP = 125x
* From 21 to 30 resets EXP = 100x
* From 31 to 40 resets EXP = 75x
* From 41 to 50 resets EXP = 50x
* Extra Bonus EXP can get in Blood Castle, Devil Square
* Happy Hour gives Extra EXP 2 times per day

* [Event] Like & Share FaceBook and get Free 300 Coins: HERE
* [Event] Reset Race Event and get up to Free 1000 Coins: HERE
* [Event] Vote Contest and get up to Free 1500 Coins: HERE

* Reset from: 390 lvl (without VIP 400 lvl)
* Reset price: 5kk * reset (without VIP 10kk)
* PK Clear price at website 50kk - clears ALL PK (without VIP 100kk)
* Clear Master Skill Tree for Free (without VIP 300 Coins)
* ItemShop Discount 10%
* More info: HERE

* ItemShop is now ACTIVE: HERE
* [NEW] Character Market is ACTIVE: HERE
* Vote Reward is ACTIVE: HERE
* Can not buy + 15 FO items (max +12 and +2 exc options)
* Can not buy Socket Items in ItemShop (only in game can get)
* Can not buy Exc+Ancient, only Exc or Ancient (Exc+Ancient can get only in game - LOT, Bosses)
* Castle Siege EVERY Week: HERE
* More info: HERE
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First Castle Siege period has been started in DYNAMIC x150 JewelMU Online !
Castle Siege registration period is started, TODAY is the last day to register your guild - don't be too late !
This is the final time to start look up for new guild members ! Try to make the strongest Guilds and Alliances as it's possible to WIN Siege and get opportunity to get in Lot of Trials !
Good Luck EVERYONE !

More info about Registered Guilds,Marks, Starting time you can find at website "About Server" section or here: http://jewelmu.com/about/stats/DYNAMIC
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MEDIUM x500 OPENING in ~ 5 days (2 JUNE) - JOIN US !
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[NEW] MEDIUM x500 Opening TODAY in 2 hours !!!
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